Below are links to information brochures produced and distributed by Jamaica National Heritage Trust.

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New Seville Heritage Park
The site of one of the first encounters between the peoples of the Americas, Africa and Europe. It was an encounter that was to change Jamaican, European, African and World History. New Seville has seen continuous habitation for over a thousand years and tells us about the many people who have made this island their home, including the Taino, the Spanish, the African, the Indian and the British...
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Blenheim in Hanover,The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante's Birthplace...
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Fort Charles
Fort Charles and the town of Port Royal are inextricably lined. THeir rise and fall were influenced by events such as piracy, trade, international relationships including easr, and a myriad of disasters such as hurricanes...
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Enriching Our Heritage
Take a leisurely ride through any part of Jamaica and you will find it impossible to ignore the amazing reminders of our rich heritage...
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SEVILLE Heritage Park
A visit to Seville Heritage Park on Jamaica's north coast will take you on a journey through centuries, to the very beginning of the island's history and culture. Located just outside the parish capital of St. Ann's Bay, and 11km from the tourist mecca of Ocho Rios, Seville is known for its beauty and historical authenticity...
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Guidelines for Obtaining Approval to restore and develop Historic Sites and Districts.
These guidelines have been prepared to assist in the preservation and development process. If the recommendations listed are carefully followed, the amount of time and money spent in seeking approval will be kept to a minimum...
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Procedure for Declaring a National Monument or Designating a Protected National Heritage
The Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) has the responsibility under law to ensure that the best of the country's legacy of historic buildings, archaeological sites and landscapes are preserved, maintained and protected. To effectively carry out this task we need the cooperation of everyone, especially the owners and occupiers of these sites...
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The Blue and John Crow Mountains.
The Blue and John Crow Mountains is Jamaica’s first World Heritage Site and the Caribbean’s first World Heritage Mixed (cultural and natural values) Site. Its significance is interlinked with the Windward Maroon heritage and the endemic species and habitats which...
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Ever since the capture of Jamaica by the English from the Spanish in 1655, the need for fortification became immediate because of the...



The Morant Bay Courthouse, which was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 19, 2007, is an important part of St. Thomas's history.



Built in 1885 of masonry and timber, the Simms building exhibits a combination of Gothic and Georgian features; the projecting...