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Parish: Hanover

Blenheim, a small rural hilly district in Hanover, is the birthplace of Sir Alexander Bustamante, the first Jamaican to be awarded the honour of National Hero while alive. Blenheim is believed to be named after Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. The picture below is of a replica of the house in which Sir Alexander Bustamante was born. It was reconstructed by the JNHT after it was destroyed by fire. The present building houses an exhibition on the Hero's life and is now open to the public daily.

Contact Information

  • Name: Blenheim
  • Company: Jamaica National Heritage Trust
  • Address: 79 Duke Street Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 922-1287-8 /Direct Contact: (876)389-2314
  • Fax: (876) 967-1703
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Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 09:00am -05:00pm
  • Tuesday: 09:00am -05:00pm
  • Wednesday: 09:00am -05:00pm
  • Thursday: 09:00am -05:00pm
  • Friday: 09:00am -05:00pm
  • Closed: (Public Holidays)

Admission/ Tour

Our Valued Customers…Due to the increase in operating cost it has become necessary to increase the cost of guided tours with effect June 11, 2017

  • Local Adults…..$400.00
  • Foreign Adults….. US$5.00
  • Local Children….. $200.00
  • Foreign Children….. US$2.00
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