Other Historic Sites

National Heroes SitesThese sites served various purposes and are important by virtue of their historic, architectural, traditional, artistic, aesthetic, scientific or archaeological value.

  • 1 King Street - formerly the Manse of the Burchell Baptist Church.
  • Admiralty Houses - part of the Old Naval Dockyard in Port Royal.
  • Bamboo Avenue - is located on the main South Coast Highway, in the parish of St Elizabeth.
  • Barnett Street Police Station - dates back to the late 19th century, constructed of cut stone.
  • Bob Marley Museum - is located along Hope Road in the former residence of the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley.
  • Bog Walk Gorge - or Rio Cobre Gorge was discovered by Carey Helyar during the 1660s.
  • Cast Iron Fountain - located near to the Courthouse in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland.
  • Claude McKay's Birthplace - internationally acclaimed writer and poet, born 1889 in James Hill, Clarendon.
  • Colbeck Castle - is a massive stone and brick ruin with walls standing to their full original height.
  • Craighton House - was named after its first owner, George Craighton.
  • DeMontevin lodge - built in 1881, is an eclectic mix of the Victorian architectural style, with gingerbread details.
  • Devon House - is a fine example of nineteenth (19th) century domestic architecture in Jamaica.
  • Edinburgh Castle -was built by Lewis Hutchinson, who is Jamaica's earliest recorded serial killer.
  • Falmouth Wharves - stand as a reminder of the town’s former glory.
  • Firefly House - home of British Playwright Noel Coward, called "Look Out" by the famous pirate Henry Morgan.
  • Golmont View House - originally consisted of a 10 bedrooms including a dungeon used in the days of slavery.
  • Gordon House - became the official meeting place of the Jamaican Government on Wed, October 26, 1960.
  • Grove Hill House - located in Montego Bay, the capital of St. James, was built in the early 18th century.
  • Harmony Hall House - is indicative of Jamaican-Georgian architectural style with its intricate fretwork.
  • Hibbert House /Headquarters House - head office of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, 79 Duke St, Kgn.
  • Institute of Jamaica - was established in 1879 during the governorship of Sir Anthony Musgrave.
  • Invercauld - on Black River’s seaside High Street is a fine example of late Jamaican Georgian architecture.
  • Kendal Railway Tragedy - The worst railway disaster in Jamaica’s history on September 1, 1957 at 11:30.
  • Lillian’s Restaurant & the Ruins of Three Concrete Silos - built around 1912, stands as a charming bungalow.
  • Lovers' Leap - consists of a cliff with a drop of approximately 1,600 feet.
  • Manchester Club Golf Course - built in 1865 & possibly the oldest surviving club in the western hemisphere.
  • Moneague Inn - In 1860, described as “the best hotel in the island”.
  • New Castle Training Depot - founded in 1841 by Major Gen. Sir William Maynard Gomm (later Field Marshall).
  • Oakton House - erected around mid 19th century, displaying features informed by Georgian architecture.
  • Old Police Station and Court House - location was originally the site of a Jewish Synagogue.
  • Old Slave Ring - at the corner of Union & East Streets, is a semi-circular arena-like structure with brick walls.
  • Orange Park - located in the hills of Yallahs, St. Thomas, was once a coffee plantation.
  • Persian Water Wheel - ordered by the Falmouth Water Company and installed in 1798.
  • Pinnacle - Around 1940, Leonard Howell, the founder of Rastafarianism, established the first Rastafari community
  • Public Building East & West - among the early structures in Kingston to utilise concrete in its construction. 
  • Rio Bueno - small town believed to be where Christopher Columbus first landed.
  • Stewart Castle - offers valuable insights into the dietary habits of the Tainos.
  • The Dome - is located in St. James, erected over the source of the creek in Montego Bay.
  • Town House - built in 1776, this building predates the Parish Church by ten (10) years.
  • Ward Theatre - presented as a gift to the city of Kingston in 1912 by Colonel Charles Ward.
  • White Marl Taino Midden and Museum - established in 1965 in memory of Dr. Randolph Howard.


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