Past JNHT Projects

National Heroes SitesThe Jamaica National Heritage Trust is actively involved in the preservation of Jamaica's archaeological resource base. Over the years the JNHT has contributed to major projects for Jamaica's development; namely the North Coast Highway Project, Old Harbour Bypass Road Project and The Highway 2000.

  • Colbeck Castle - on October 26, 2006 JNHT recieved a development proposal re: the area surrounding the Historic Monument of Colbeck Castle, Colbeck, St Catherine.
  • Highway 2000 - Jamaica's first toll highway. It will be constructed in two phases.
  • North Coast Highway - a Government initiative to improve the entire stretch of north coast road from Negril in the West, to Port Antonio in the East of the island.
  • Old Habour Bypass - The Government of Jamaica commissioned the Old Harbour Bypass as a part of its road improvement programme.
  • Port Royal Terrestrial Archaeology - Excavation Conducted on Land in Port Royal (Terrestrial Archaeology)
  • Port Royal Underwater Archaeology - Excavation Conducted in the water in Port Royal (Underwater Archaeology)
  • Tower Street - General Penitentiary - Most of the buildings along Tower Street possess exquisite Jamaican Georgian architecture, and along with the General Penitentiary, are fundamental features of the Tower Street historical streetscape.


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