Clocktower SitesCourt Houses were erected in the major towns of each parish across the island.

Some structures housed a police station or vestries/parish council offices on the lower level of the building. Some prominent Jamaicans were tried at these locations, namely two of our National Heroes, George William Gordon at the Morant Bay Court House and Sir Alexander Bustamante at the Port Maria Court House.

  • Fort Augusta - Situated between Port Henderson and Passage Fort on the seaward side is Fort Augusta in the
  • Fort Charles - The first fort to be erected in Port Royal was Fort Charles. It was built in the late 1650-60
  • Fort Charlotte - located in Lucea, in the parish of Hanover, was built in the mid 18th Century by the British
  • Fort Dundas - is situated behind the Rio Bueno Primary School in the parish of Trelawny. The date 1778
  • Fort George - is situated on the Titchfield Peninsula in the town of Port Antonio which is located in the parish
  • Fort Haldane - This fort was erected in 1759. Named after General George Haldane, Governor of Jamaica.
  • Fort Lindsay - Fort Lindsay was built opposite to Fort William, near Old Pera in St. Thomas. It had nine
  • Fort Montego - located in Montego Bay, St. James, appeared to be a large fort. It housed four 12 pounder guns
  • Fort Nugent - All that remains of Fort Nugent is the Martello Tower which was built probably in 1806.
  • Fort Oracabessa - This fort, situated in Oracabessa in the parish of St. Mary, was built during the War of Trade.
  • Fort Small - Fort Small was built in 1782 to protect the bay between Port Henderson and the Hellshire Hills.
  • Fort William - The gun emplacement sited at what was called Battery Point in 1694 was named Fort William
  • Morant Bay Fort - Morant Bay Fort. The fort which was probably built in 1758 was designed for nine
  • Ocho Rios Fort - Rebuilt by Reynolds Jamaica it contains two of the original guns from Ocho Rios
  • Port Royal Forts - This Fort was destroyed in the earthquake of 1692.
  • Rockfort - Rockfort is located beside the Jamaica Cement Company facing the famous Kingston harbour
  • Savanna-la-mar Fort - The fort at Savanna-la-mar in the parish of Westmoreland seems to have no name
  • St. Ann's Bay Fort - Located in St. Ann's Bay in St. Ann, the St. Ann's Bay Fort was erected about 1750.


Ever since the capture of Jamaica by the English from the Spanish in 1655, the need for fortification became immediate because of the...



The Morant Bay Courthouse, which was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 19, 2007, is an important part of St. Thomas's history.



Built in 1885 of masonry and timber, the Simms building exhibits a combination of Gothic and Georgian features; the projecting...