Mineral Spas

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Mineral spas are resorts developed around naturally occurring mineral spring locales. Spas grew in reputation in the nineteenth century on into the late middle-twentieth century for their purported healing or healthful benefits to those wealthy enough to partake of their waters.

Jamaica is blessed with some of the best mineral spas to be found anywhere in the world. These are Bath Mineral, Milk River, Black River and Rockfort. These four (4) mineral spas were discovered at different times in the history of the country, and each has varying amount of minerals.

  • Bath Mineral Spa - The mineral spa at Bath in the parish of St. Thomas was discovered by a run-a-way slave
  • Milk River Spa - Milk River Bath is another of Jamaica's great spas. The radioactivity of the water is many
  • Black River Spa - Black River Spa located in Black River, St. Elizabeth was one of the more popular spas
  • Rockfort Spa - The origins of the Rock Fort Spa is uncertain, but it is believed to have appeared miraculously


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