Roaring River Great House

Roaring River Great House

Parish: St.Ann

The primary node of the Roaring River property is the Great House Complex, which comprises the main house and the back buildings, which act as a support to it (Kitchen, ancillary staff room and garage). These buildings cover an approximate area of 18,650 ft.

The main house is extremely well located against an encampment adjacent to the Little River.

The Roaring River Great House has a rectilinear floor plan. The ground floor level is raised above grade by a stair foundation, which acts as a plinth giving the building a greater presence.

The floor is therefore accessed by steps on all sides where the elevation is at its most significant, a welcoming arms staircase has been constructed, thereby celebrating the entrance at that location.

Though not fully evident on the exterior the classical Georgian details are picked up early on the interior. The strong symmetry details include large sashed window openings with built in seating and strong semi circular arched openings interconnecting adjacent spaces.

The Great House is a good example of the architectural re-adaptation of classical Georgian into a tropical setting.



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